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    Infinite Dreams is happy to announce that the long awaited Sky Force for Treo650 is finally available!

    Sky Force from Infinite Dreams is a best selling PocketPC and Symbian game. It's the ultimate classic arcade shooter, with 3d interactive objects, outstanding graphics, special effects, soundtrack and 100% of pure gameplay. See how to push the limits of your Treo650 to the maximum. 8 amazingly pixeled levels, tons of enemies to shoot and good old Earth to save. The game is based on hybrid 2D/3D graphics, ideally suited for mobile segment. 2D backgrounds are mixed with fully textured 3D objects. The game includes 8 stages each one is ended with big boss.

    Screenshots and descriptions are available here:

    Sky Force sells for $9.98. There is 20% discount if the game is purchased directly from Infinite Dreams' webpage.

    Free demo version is also available here:
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    This game is sweet! The graphics and the soundtrack really do a great job of exploiting the 650's capabilities. It looks and sounds way better than Zap 2016. And SkyForce's gameplay is fun. I'm a sucker for Raiden Project type games.
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    Anybody else playing this on an unlocked GSM 650 with firmware 1.23? The demo worked great for me on the stock firmware, then I upgraded to 1.23 and now I have no sound or music. (sound works fine everywhere else).

    The author wasn't sure about it, so I figured I'd ask here to see if more people are having this issue.

    (If you haven't played it, and you're running firmware 1.23, can you try the demo out and report back?)

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    This game is just AWESOME..!!

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    Can SkyForce be run from the SD card?
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    It should be possible to install it to SD card. To be sure please try a free demo first!
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    Quote Originally Posted by benjers
    It should be possible to install it to SD card. To be sure please try a free demo first!
    I've tried it and it will run from the SD card. However, I find it easier just to move it to main memory when I'm playing then move it back (I don't play games all the time on my Treo). It's a great game though and I'm going to buy it.
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    Is there any way to save the game you are playing for later? I couldn't find anything that does that.

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    This games sucks royally. Only three levels total & if you leave the game & come back, you have to start over. What a waste of my money.
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    There's only three levels if you play on Easy. Playing on Medium gives you at least six. Maybe more, I haven't beat Medium yet.
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    Okay, there are at least eight levels. I can't quite beat the last one though. I can destroy one of the two end ships but then the level ends before I get a chance to finish the other one. It says "Level Completed" but then makes me do it over.

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