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    Hello, just got a treo 650 for cingular and I'm loving it. well mostly.. Everything was running smooth until this morning when I took some photos and was viewing them.. then tried to send them via the File Send method but the picture seems to lock up then I get a palmone white reboot screen. It happens every time I try to open and send any form of medium to another party. Sometimes I can send pictures via versamail attachment but mostly I'm unable to.

    This is my Reset error:

    a reset was caused on ... while runnning "Media"
    Preferences.c,Line:264,Pref DB Open Error

    I went through the PalmOne support section and got FileZ, deleted the problem files and reconfigured it and still have these lockup problems.. anyone know how to fix it and what might have caused it? The only thing i did this morning was copy some documents and pdfs over.. my memory is decent around 10-11 megs of 30

    Any suggestions on correcting this problem?


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    Do you use Butler?
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    My friend,

    I had that problem before and couldn't figure out why. One of the suspect software that I installed was ICQ 2.0 Beta. But deleting it made no differences. I ended up hard resetting and reinstalled everything. Now, everything is fine.

    My advice: Hard reset.
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    Had exactly the same thing happening to me a month ago. Even spoke to palm support about it. They told me it was a third party app and they were right.
    Hard Reset did the job, but I installed so much stuff to test that I never got to know what it was.
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    this is known problem, you can get rescoexplorer to fit it. it has a function to repair the "register" information in preference db.

    you can't use "send" function in all applications until you fix it.
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    I had this problem before as well. My "unsaved preferences" file was corrupt. I fixed the problem by deleting it, then restoring an earlier on from an old backup.
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    Thanks for all the help, I'm going to try to do a hard reset. But first, will a hard reset erase all my cingular WAP settings??

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