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    I have a Cingular 650. I have noticed that on occasion the phone side turns off for no reason. Tonight it happenned repeatedly when I was at band practice with the 650 in my front pocket.

    I figured out what causes it -- if you lightly tap my 650 below the antenna on the back with something (in my case a drum stick), the Cingular sign off screen is immidiately launched, and the phone shuts down.

    It is not a soft or hard reset, and it is not the same as the battery becoming disconnected. I can recreate it at will -- just tap the back of the unit with something light below the antenna, or tap the unit lightly on a counter corner and mine immidiately turns off the phone.

    This may be a freak defect with my phone, but I figured I would share it.

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    Sounds like a loose or bad contact being made with the SIM card. When the SIM is disconnected/pulled out while the phone is on it will automatically turn the phone off. Maybe you have a very old/worn SIM card.

    PS -- I can't help but ask: what possessed you to tap the phone with a drum-stick in the first place?!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by skillllllz
    Sounds like a loose or bad contact being made with the SIM card.
    My thoughts exactly. Place a piece of paper between the SIM and its carrier, but not so thick that the whole assembly gets stuck.
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    Same problem here. Some say replace it but its happening to so many I think maybe the paper will do the trick.
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    Of course -- the SIM card contacts... Thanks for all the responses.
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    And don't bend that carrier, it is so thin that it cracks easily.
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