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    Looks like there is a common problem where the sim can loose contact sometimes if you set the phone down or bump it. I was able to fix it with the paper under the sim. Should i live with this or replace the phone? Im worried if I exchange it then there will be some other problem with the new one. Seems like the qulity control on these things is terrible.
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    replace it
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    I doubt a replacement will be any better. I say live with the paper - it's not that big a deal.
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    Better the devil you know...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jetkins
    Better the devil you know...
    Second the above post... if everything else works 100%.
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    So if I ever sell it on ebay ill have to tell the next person what to do?
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    You know, plastic is rather malleable (it's actually part of the definition, according to Marriem-Webster. Heh.) You could alter some of the carrier that would be unseen externally. I find a soldering iron to be very useful in my mods.

    Luckily I have no issues myself, but it is a suggestion. You could also try using a gum eraser on your SIM's contacts, just in case your connectivity is caused my a thin film of corrosion on the contacts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richard371
    So if I ever sell it on ebay ill have to tell the next person what to do?
    That would be the HONEST thing to do. But think about it for a second... most people on ebay (most I know anyway) already will have visited this board (or others like it) so putting a notice in your auction (being honest) should not be a problem. You could even post a link to this board... to me, I would then trust you, and buy it from you.

    I have 100% (last time I checked) on ebay... I am always honest with scratches or other small defects. I always get top dollar... I sold my T5 for what I paid for it, even with a couple of issues that I fully explained in the auction.

    Or you could return the phone and hope for another without the problem.

    Or place a piece of thin plastic back there or some other material that "looks" like it was done by the manufacture... like the stuff holding the batter in place from the battery cover. tons of ideas...
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    Does not have to be visable, and if effective, what's the harm? I was ready to field strip my 650, do the hard reset thing, etc, due to VERY frequent phone shutoffs. Saw this post, pulled my SIM, thought I'd try this. Rather than put something on back of the plastic (which, due to the edges, might cause the SIM itself to have a bit of a curve), I popped the SIM itself out of the plastic, then put two layers of Avery label (sticky on one side) on it, trimmed it down, and back into the plastic carrier. This increases pressure whilst keeping the pads planar. So far, works like a champion, and no way to even see the paper with the SIM pulled out without taking it out of the carrier.
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