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    I am using ''Basic''. But it sets some text objects gray. That's really uncomfortable. I'd like a color theme with buttons set gray only.

    Which color theme do you prefer? Or do you have your customed & unique themes?
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    Currently I have my Treo set to the Zire color theme. It has grey buttons, but you gotta like orange.
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    I don't use any of the built-in color choices. They were all a little... generic

    I use Colorize, it changes the entire color scheme (text, backround, frames etc...)

    I use Hilighter to change the ring around the bottom command buttons.

    And a lot of people use Skinner to change the buttons in the phone application's dial pad screen.

    Maybe you'll like these choices better...
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    I used Basic on my Sprint Treo 600 for a long time before I discovered Autumn. The display is so much better.

    Give it a go.
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    Thanks Christinac
    Colorize is great.
    But sadly I find Palm sets text panels and buttons together as ''Object'',so I can't change button color seperately.
    Another problem. Is there a way to add a new color theme to the Palm's original theme list? (If you are using Profiles 1.0, you will know why I need this)
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    I like original. I also made my own dial pad/startup-startdown screens.
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    I use silver. I think it matches the case of the Treo 650
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    I'm using Khroma.

    I have a very nice theme, thank you. Worked on it for a month.
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    I prefer the Red theme...can't explain why.
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    Blue here.
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    forest. been using forest since the 600.
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    just switched now to tungsten, it matches my case colour

    now i want to switch my screens (startup/down) and maybe my dial pad (although I do like it) I owend Skinner for my Treo 600, I cant remember if I get a discount to get the one for the 650 because I had the one for the 600. Or should I go at it alone
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    I was using Sky but I'm trying Tungsten for a change.
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    I've been using Canyon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fareal
    I just switched to Steel. I just realized that with Midnight I couldn't see the signal bars.
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    I use goes nicely with my Vaja case
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    I had the default color until this thread. At first I thought anyone who would use Autumn had to be whack. But it quickly grew on me. Now I like the "Red" theme even better, since the red color is less maroon and more red than the "Autumn" theme.

    The reason I like these themes is that they give the buttons a yellow highlight color, making them standout more, and making the display more visually interesting. It is also waaaayy easier to see the blue highlight outline on a button that is yellow than the default white one. I know the Highlighter app can change the outline colors, but I like keeping is blue using the "Red" theme. Cool.
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