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    Has anyone opened the case on their Treo and made a note of the screen manufacturer and part#? I'm trying to see if a replacement is available anywhere. PalmOne will not sell replacement screens to individuals. I guess Palm is offended by the idea that someone might be able to work on equipment they already own rather than paying Palm $180 to work on it.
    It should be MY business to decide if I'm able to work on something or not, and take responsibility if I screw it up.
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    Hi Anvil: I had the same question and several people suggested PDAParts. I contacted them and their response was $95 for the digitizer, and the LCD was not available at this time (maybe 'cus 600's are being phased out).

    You may consider using (or getting) insurance through your provider, pay the deductable and get a refurished unit. I've read that in some cases people have received a 650 (so I've heard but not confirmed) so it maybe worth a shot.

    I just got a 600 off ebay and I'm waiting for charging cable to test it. I checked with the insurance company and they said all I have to do is activate it, then send it in. Kewl deal if they stick to their word.

    good luck

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    Sorry, I mistakenly said PDAParts. The correct vendor is

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