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    I donīt have this problem with security. Interesting post still. For me, easy does it: just cut a round piece of plastic, tin or whatever material, same size as the exterior part of your camera lens, any color or desing you wish, and use crazyglue to stick it forever to your outer lens. No need to open your Treo.
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    At least you can take a phone in. I can't take ANYTHING electronic inside my workspace, it all has to be left at the door...
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    Wish there's someone who dare to try changing 650p's camera to 700p :P
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    I think you mean the other way right?
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    My Treo 650 CINGULAR motherboard needs to be replaced. I want to know if I can swap it with a working one but keeping the daughter board? Because I can get a Treo with a nonworking daughterboard (does not read sim card). Any suggestions?
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    so i took everything apart, and i removed my camera. now after i put everything back together, and i put my battery in. nothing happens?! where did i go wrong. any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    you all know Palm and AT&T have always offered Treo 650's and 680's withOUT cameras...
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    ... which was never available as a GSM model for Europe...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Webby View Post
    Why would anyone want to remove the Camera? THat is a great feature for the Treo 650.
    I work in a DOE facility where camera phones are a prohibited article, unless you have special authorization.

    Now, I enjoy the camera/video feature of my Treo, but would also like to have phone without the "media" feature. Since I work swing-shift and I'm only at work 14 days out of the month, I'll keep the camera in my phone.
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    I have a treo 680 and although I love it I hate the fact that palm is lagging behind. I'm tired of seeing other cel phones with 3+ megapixels while were stuck with this c@ppy .3 meg. Has anyone tried to replace the camera in a 650 or 680 with a 1.3 meg from a 700? If so does anyone know if it would work or is willing to give it a try???
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    Will this process work on the Treo 700p? and what about the possibility of placing a piece of paper on the inside.. On top of the camera lens, but under the glass that says "No Camera" or some such. The camera would be non-functional and you would have the little label to show if anyone wanted to inspect it. Would such a label fit? Would it stay put? At least that way you could re-enable the camera with a little work using the torx driver.
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    Well, never mind. The 700p was easier than the instructions for the 650. I had to buy the torx driver, but the whole operation took about 5 min. Everything works fine. If I try to launch the camera app I get the nice message that there is no camera installed. Good proof of statement that there is no camera. I went ahead and removed the camera module because it was so easy, I will be able to re-install it again at will.
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