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    Ok, so I know how to disassemble the T600 in order to, for example, change the battery:

    What I'm curious about, is if there are any gotchas when removing the main system board from the front side of the case after taking the back off?

    My unit is pretty much dead after replacing the battery..

    ..but after grovelling further thru posts on this board, and noticing the ones about "dead screen" and how dirt/crud under the edge of the screen bezel could hose things, I'm wonderin' if I just should completely take the thing apart and clean out the inside of the front side of the case & boards too.

    Mine is behaving like the "screen dead" thread's unit..

    touchscreen - HELP!

    ..I get a orange-turning-to-green LED when charger connected -- even after the K-backspace "battery" reset..

    Resetting Your Device,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(887)

    Mine behaves as discussed therein, except I never get the screen to go on. after doing the K-backspace-press-reset thing, the LED goes out, and then comes back on a few seconds after charger is plugged in again. I've also tried it with charger plugged in and without.

    anyway, back to main topic of this post -- any gotchas with fully pulling this thing apart -- eg as if to get the screen out?

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    I just recently took mine apart and a black piece of rubber strip, about 3/8 wide by 3/4 inch long fell out. I haven't figured out yet where it goes, but the Treo went back together just fine.
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    > black piece of rubber strip, about 3/8 wide by 3/4 inch long fell out

    that one apparently goes between the daughter card and the main card, alongside the stylus tube (which is fastened to the case back).

    See this thread..

    complete T600 disassembly??
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    oh, and yes, I DID do a relatively complete disassembly and reassembly on my T600, cleaned it all out, figured out the problem was the press-fit connector for the display's ribbon cable (which affixes to the main board). See details here..

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