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    On page 7 I see the 650. The app is really cool that is displaying memos, email phone etc. Can someone tell me what app this is? Thanks
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    can you post a link?
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    I have the mag. let me c what I can do.
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    here is the pic. I like what they did with the screen looks cool.
    What app is it?
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    Sorry about the bad pictures. I just stop feeding the hog. I am using only my tmobile internet and HS. It is great. Just wish I could load the whole pic. But it is 24.7 mb. My poor treo would be uploading for about 4 hours.
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    Can you just email PDA Essen. and ask them or the person who wrote the article? Just a thought.
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    OK, I just emailed the editor. I'll let you know what I find out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy
    here is the pic. I like what they did with the screen looks cool.
    What app is it?
    It looks like a customized screen for the carrier Orange. Someone else here was asking how they could get theirs to look like that as well.
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    That is very sweet looking. I would love that
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    I dont think we'll be able get our treos to look like this
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    Oh yes. I think we will. it is something that was put in the orange rom. i'm sure someone will hook us up.
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    Man That Would Be Cool
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    This looks very much like the new front end that Orange in the UK have added. Press the "phone" key and it gives you a menu down the left with summaries of new texts, mail and calendar items for the day.

    Looks good but makes it harder to get quickly to the phone functions, as you either need to call via "contacts" or type the number directly. It has also taken away to abilty to do a quick "last number redial" with the centre button, which is infuriating.

    A lot of people in the Uk seem to be flashing the ROM to lose this Orange front-end - as yet I'm undecided.
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    It's definitely the Orange screen. I got my 650 this week and so far I like it a lot. I think the home screen is quite nifty, but then I don't use the stuff that it gets in the way of. I had to upgrade a couple of apps but it's otherwise going smoothly. One problem I have encountered is attachments with Versamail don't really work - the file seems to get encoded in some strange way that can't be picked up at the other end properly.
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    That's the phone app that has had the functionality hacked out of it by the Orange Network. Read the orange's driving previous orange owners nuts and they are installing beta rom updates to get the regular phone app that we have back.
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    I can confirm that the Orange phone screen app- is awful! Takes out all the snappy quickness of launching from one key press. I re-flashed my ROM to get rid of it.
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