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    I too got a Free Treo 650, eventhough Orange are asking for 99.

    I found a small web shop based in Watford:

    Ordered it on Friday afternoon, and it arrived at 8.30 am on Tuesday morning after the bank holiday.

    Also ported my old mobile number to it, all for the cost of the monthly tariff.

    The Treo 650 seems very straigthforward (its my first Palm) and syncs easily with Outlook.

    I highly recommend the service provided by
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    You can use another smtp server, authentication details can be set if you select the "Use Authentication (ESMTP)" option in the advanced options.


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    Tried to upgrade my 600 on Orange to the 650 and they wanted 199.99. I bought one from a company on the net on o2 for 40.00. Ordered Friday arrived Saturday. Similar tarriff. Good thing is it is unlocked and not branded. You get the updated software pretty quickly and it comes bundled with Docs to Go. On the upgrade Orange would have my old phone back. On this deal I keep it and my number is being transferred as well.

    Anyone want to buy a 600?
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