Not sure if this belongs here or in Communications, but in either case:

I ran across an alternative to Win-Hand for remote desktop access. It's actually significantly slicker than Win-Hand. Unfortunately it's also a subscription model, and even more expensive than Win-Hand. But if you can justify this sort of thing for business (and especially if you can get your business to pay for it) it's pretty slick.

The product is LapLink Everywhere:

It doesn't just give you a tiny window onto your desktop screen. It gives direct access to Outlook, not just email but your calendar, notes, tasks and contacts, too. It lets you transfer files between your desktop and handheld, in both directions. And it gives you direct access to a file tree of all your local and network drives. And it does give you remote control access to your desktop, just like Win-Hand.

Too pricey for me, but very well done if you have a need for it.