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    Can I make the launcher, (previously called the "Home" on older PDA's) a "Hot key". Here's the scenario. I want to go directly to the launcher. But first, I either need to go the the "Red" "Green" "Mail" or "Messages" to wake up the 650, and then the home/launcher key if I was on the phone last. I'd like to be able to "wake up" with launcher key directly. Is this possible, if not, does an application exist that does this?

    I just want to hit Home (and unlock)!

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    I don't think there's any way to do this with the built-in launcher.

    If you use a 3rd party launcher, like ZLauncher or Launcher-X, you can assign it to one of the hard buttons. But then you lose the built in functionality of that hard button, unless you add a button launcher that enables you to assign multiple apps to each button (my favorite is AardQuick).

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