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    I am travelling somewhere that does not have GSM to connect to the web. I would like to use my cheap ISP to dial-up. My current set-up is:
    in Preferences>Network I created a new service.
    I choose Standard Modem in Connection (NOT SURE IF THIS IS CORECT).
    Enter in my username, password and phone number.

    Is this all I need to do? It is not connecting. It just says connecting for a minute and then Cancelling...

    Any thoughts?
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    With most dial-up companies today, you can no longer just call a dialup number to access the internet within the normal preference settings. Most companies wants you to install a dialer program on your computer in order to access the internet. Of course there are exceptions, so if you find a company that doesnt have you install software, you will be golden.
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    Most likely you've set it up properly, but you are in the same boat I was.. the Palm hangs for 2 minutes "pretending" to dial (check it by dialing a friend's number, it won't ring).

    The solution: soft-reset your Palm whenever you change connections (ie. GPRS -> dial-up, etc).

    Pain in the *** but works fine. For providers, I really like because you can access it from around the world and recharge your minutes in $10 increments.

    good luck,


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