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    I wonder if there are any workarounds for these:

    1. using the back button seems to always cause it to refetch from the server - very slow. On a desktop browser this only happens on annoying sites that purposely send HTTP cache headers that break the back button. Blazer's back button seems to always act broken.

    2. if I'm browsing TreoCentral Mobile and then go to another app and switch back to Blazer, it refetches AND it gets the non-mobile version. I don't even understand what is causing this

    3. Any way to map hard keys to back and forward? I could imagine using the vol buttons or option with the 5-way, etc.
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    1. How big is your Blazer cache? Try making it bigger and see if that helps.

    2. Getting the non-mobile version is a TC problem, not a Blazer one, I think. This happens to me sometimes even when I'm going to a new page, rather than re-fetching.

    3. Not that I know of, but maybe someone else has a way.
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    I surf TC a lot on my treo 600. If I want to back up a page in blazer, I just press the 'delete' arrow key on the right hand side of the keyboard. It works fine.

    If I want to go back 2 or more pages, then I press the spacebar, arrow over 3 times to the back arrow key on the display, press the middle button on the 5 way dial and then arrow up however many pages I want to go back. This way you won't wait for the pages to refresh, it just takes you to the page you want (and when you post from your phone, this is a nice way to get back to the New Posts link).
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    I have my cache set to 4 MB so I am surprised to see the Treo hit the network when I hit the Back button. Really slows browsing down.

    I love the tip of using the Backspace key for Back. Thanks!

    Another annoyance are bookmarks. I'd like a flat list and I'd like to be able to move them around and sort them. A desktop app for managing bookmarks would be pretty cool I think.
    Treo 650 GSM unlocked, firmware 01.71, software 1.20-ENA
    Cingular with MEdia Net Unlimited ($24.95)

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