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    I'm using Datebk5 and BackupMan.

    Last night I received my replacement Treo due to a faulty stereo jack. I was using my SD card backup to copy files over from my old 650 and I got the error about the corrupt CalendarDB-PDat. I searched the threads and learned about the now infamous bug involving BackupMan. I followed the steps to cure the problem but now which included re-syncing all my Outlook data.

    I purged out old data but for some reason my CalendarDB-PDat file shows as 1.4m on the Treo no matter how few entries are in my calendar. If I have 5 years data, its 1.4m. If I have 1 year of entries, it still shows 1.4m.

    On my SD card backup, it shows that the file should be around 260k.

    I don't get it. Any ideas how to shrink the size of CalendarDB-PDat?

    I think I'm going to email the Datebk developer as well but since this board has never failed me, I thought I would try here as well.
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    have you tried running dbscan? Get it at
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