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    Can someone enlighten me as to why one would want to use one of Shadowmite's custom ROM? I looked over it at his website, but there was no real explanation.

    Also, does his "Wi Fi" patch allow the Treo to connect via wi fi?

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    My own personal curmudgeon opinion is because people can't leave well enough alone and they're not happy until they "personalize" something to suit their own ideas of how it needs to be.

    If you're happy with the device as it comes and you have enough memory, then don't worry about it. The people who generally do such a thing have a zillion apps loaded and need all of the free space they can find.

    Regarding the wifi, you'd need an adapter first, and I don't believe it was ever determined to be stable.

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    My reason for using a custom Rom is that I can remove unused portions of the ROM like all the German, Spanish, French, and Italian language overlays to open memory in the rom. Then fill the open space in the ROM with Programs that would otherwise be installed in the user memory. I.E. Beyond contact and Documents to go. Once they are in the ROM, I have more room for other Applications.


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