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    I've been having to go all the way into my hotsync app to get my computer (Mac G5) to sync to my 650 - isn't there a faster way to just press one button to get it to sync??
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    I hotsync via bluetooth. I have a button picked through favorites in phone. It only takes me two clicks to start my bluetooth sync.
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    Can one initiate the sync from the mac by running some program?
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    This is a problem on Windows as well. There are Palm apps that can help. Or you can be cheap like me and map the H key on your Phone favorites to Hotsync. Still 3 steps, though. Phone, hold H, and then hit the Hotsync button.

    Check this app out:
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    Not sure if SyncNow (referenced above) works with Treo 650. Find out first.

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