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    I can no longer hard reset my Cingular Treo 650.

    I had done this successfully many, many times before on this and other Palm devices. I am holding in both the red phone icon button at the same time as the reset button on the back. It does not matter which button I press first (or at the same time--as much as that it is possible). About 4/6 times it will just do a soft reset. About 1/6 times it will hang on a white screen. About 1/6 or so times it will hang on the "Palm" screen: if I release the phone button then it gives me the choice to erase the data, but pressing the up arrow merely triggers a soft reset; if I release the reset button, it triggers a soft reset before I can hit the up arrow; if I release both buttons at the same time, it also triggers a soft rest.

    I can restore, however, by syncing with a desktop and enabling the desktop to overwrite the phone.

    (I need to hard reset my device, because this is the third consecutive Friday morning that it has lost its "identity". And, yes, I've read those threads, too. I have the network time in the unchecked state. I have tried to restore just the saved or unsaved preference files, and they do not fully restore all reg codes and trigger the same identity-less state following a subsequent soft reset.)
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    Sounds like a hardware problem to me, but you might want to try a "zero out reset." I don't remember the procedure, but it's described in a thread here on TC, I think. There's also a thread with a link to the procedure on P1's web site.
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    Palm support person told me the surest way to hard reset is (1) to remove battery (2) hold down the red phone (3) reinsert the battery (4) release the red button only once the PALM logo appears.

    Hope this helps.


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