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    Are there others who've been unable to install Documents to Go (bundled with Sprint, on disk) without a crash 100% of time on HotSync? I'd removed it months ago (based on advice from this forum) and had a very stable Treo. After the update, it's been weeks and weeks without a crash. So, I decided to take the plunge and try Docs to Go. I'm back to crash on every HotSync.

    Any advice / suggestions?
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    Is HotSync crashing or is it causing your Treo to crash during a HotSync? What error is it giving check the HotSync log or #377# on your Treo)? Are you syncing any documents yet or are you just trying it with 100% default settings?
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    Default installation, no documents to transfer/sync. HotSync is "causing" the crash - but I don't crash without DTG installed, and once I uninstalled on the PC, hard reset, re-sync, all is well.
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    Sprint 650 user. Installed and using DocstoGo with no problem.
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    Sprint 650 user. Installed D2G and played with it a little (using the PC-to-Palm synch thingy) and ended up resetting every time I hotsync'd; did a hard reset and, while I still have D2G installed, I don't use the sync feature, and so far so good.

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