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    I am having problems with MultiMail Pro 3.1, bought/downloaded a few days ago.

    The problem happens every time when I have MM delete messages from POP3 e-mail server (I have set it up to leave messages on the server and only download new messages). I "queue" the selected messages from deletion, then select the "Get messages" and have the "Delete queued messages" checkbox selected.

    MultiMail connects to the mail server and displays a little progress bar (with a title "Syncing palm changes" or something similar). When the progress bar goes to the end my Visor crashes and displays a alert box (Title: "Fatal Error", Message: "Fatal Exception") that has only one option: "Reset". Pressing reset button does a soft reset and hangs up the connection.

    I have a Handspring Visor Deluxe, no hacks or third party application launchers and Thincom modem, revision 1.4.

    Any ideas or suggestions (Yep, I've e-mailed Actualsoft support)? Does MM Pro work OK for other Visor users with a similar setup?


    Jarmo Kaila
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    I found that if the batteries aren't fresh, MM tends to freeze just getting mail.
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    I do not use the "Queue&Delete from Server" option, and I've never had the kind of problems you are having. My suggestion is that you uncheck this option, and see if the problem goes away. If it does, you now know what to tell MM tech support. If this doesn't fix things, try seeing if you can get MM to work with another POP3 account (if you don't have one, try yahoo's free account - but you will have to give up some personal info to get free POP3). Good luck.

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