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    My 650 is spontaneously powering down all the time. Sometimes, I can't even get the phone to stay on for more than 15 seconds. A soft re-boot seems to cure the problem for a few hours but then the problem re-occurs. Jarring the phone also prompts a shut down (like dropping it from about 1/2 inch off the table).

    It all sounds like a hardware issue but this is my second Treo 650 with the same problem. My first was returned for that same reason.

    Anyone have any ideas???
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    I can't imaging this is a software problem, but I guess anything's possible. Does it do this after a hard reset, with only the default Palm stuff active? If so, I think you need to go for phone # 3. If it only happens with all your software configured, then you're going to have install 1 app at a time until you figure out what's causing it.
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    Not sure what you mean by 'powering down,' but it's supposed to go to sleep. A lot...
    Otherwise your battery wouldn't last more than a few hours.

    By default, I think, the treo is set to go to sleep after 1 minute of being idle. ---UNLESS!! Unless it was already asleep...and you wake it up by hitting a button and the keyguard is on. (which, I also believe the keyguard is set to come on upon wakeup) Then yeah, it only stays awake for about 15 seconds unless you hit the middle 5way button to take the keyguard off.
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    Sounds like the SIM card contact problem that has been discussed many times before. Try putting a piece of paper between the SIM and its carrier, but don't make it so thick that the whole assembly gets stuck.
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    I think he means the phone is shutting off, not just the screen.


    Is your phone GSM? If so, it could well be that the SIM card isn't seating firmly. There's another active thread that talks about this in a litte more detail.
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    Yes, its the phone that is powering off on its own - not the screen. In fact the screen stays lit as the phone powers down. On my last phone, I tried a hard reset and did not install any softare while testing and it still powered down. I have not tried a hard reset with the current phone. It would be one hell of a coincidence if I had the same hardware fault with both phones particularly when it does not seem to be a common problem.

    Its a GSM phone so the SIM card contact problem makes a lot of sense to me. I'll try Jetkins solution and see what happens.

    Bob, I looked for other active threads but could not find them. Can you point me to them or give me a couple of key words I can search against.

    Thanks to all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark_Cuhaci
    (like dropping it from about 1/2 inch off the table).
    Try dropping it 2 feet from the table and report back.

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