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    I have a Treo600 which is about 6 months old. Have been loving the unit and had no problems at all (sync it with a Linux groupware server, remote IMAP etc.) but recently it has started locking up and booting when I answer incoming calls?!?

    Have done some searches on the net and seems to be related to battery no longer being as sharp as it ones was? We have a further 10 or so of these units, so would appreciate any pointers as to what this problems may be.

    Kind regards
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    Mine just started doing the same thing. Everthing else works great, including dialing out. Any ideas out there?
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    I'm getting this same issue... Whenever someone calls me the Treo does a soft reset.

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    Have logged a call with supplier and waiting for feedback, no-one I've spoken to seems to know for sure, most pointers are towards poor battery management. Also queried if this has been "fixed" in 650, but if they do not know what problem is.....

    Anyways, will keep posted if I get anything clarified.
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    Here is my story - I bought a Sprint Treo 600 in Jan 2004 from the Palm Cafe (Sprint had them backordered). However, I had to get it replaced within first 2 weeks due to signal drops (device-2). Now this device-2 worked fine until December 2004, where all of a sudden it worked only with the speakerphone on. Again - a trip to Sprint store, replaced the device (device-3). I guess here is a new problem that started about last week (right when my device-3's 6 month warranty is over):

    -I can not tap the screen to receive incoming calls, looks as if Treo froze on incoming calls.
    -I can not do any outgoing calls, despite having 4-signal strength, it says 'No Service'.
    -When I do a soft reset, the phone comes back on in non-wireless mode. In order to bring it to wireless mode, when I press the power button, it keeps rebooting.

    However, interestingly, when I have it attached to its power cord, it works like a charm. Which kind of tells me it might be a battery issue, but then again - there are better ways for a smartphone to indicate battery issues then have the user guess it

    I will be going to Sprint store today and see what they find out. I will keep the board posted. Anyone else having a similar problem?

    My treos normally die on a long weekend so I get enough time to play around the problems ;-)

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    Just got back from Sprint Store. Not sure what they figured out, but they are gonna give me a replacement Treo under warranty.

    So I will have my hands around a 'device-4' in a day or two

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