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    damn, maybe i should just get the blackberry...
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    I live in Detroit and have had awful reception with the one Moto phone I owned (AT&T), terrific reception with several Nokia's (AT&T), and decent to good reception on my T650 on the T-Mobile system. No question the T650 is a PDA first and phone second, but my experience hasn't been bad at all.
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    I also have a unlocked (P1) branded 650 in the SoCal area. I have found that my 650 has above average reception. Better than my 600 and better than my wife's Sony 610. I am also no experiencing any resets, other when i have installed apps which are not meant for the 650.
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    In terms of sheer phone signal quality, i get the best GSM reception of any phone I have had to date. Some I have tried (I won't list them all, because I get another phone every 4-6 months or so) are the Nokia 9290 and variants, Ipaq h6315, Treo 300, Treo 600, Razr, multiple versions of MDA, etc, etc.

    I am now able to make calls from my home, as well as other areas where I previously did not get a signal. Call quality is very good, with no background noise that I can notice. So far, the best "reception" yet.

    However, I have intermittent issues with SMS, sometimes receiving the message 'Unable to communicate with the network' when trying to send sms messages. A reboot and re-enabling of the wireless seems to *usually* fix this.

    Also, about twice a week, I will hang up a call and immediately try to place another, but when I press the 'Talk' button, it flashes to the calling screen, then immediately reverts back to the numberpad as if a call had never been attempted. It will do this multiple times ina row, and nothing seems to fix it except time. Reboots and cycling the wireless do nothing to fix it.
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    Please clearly state what version (GSM/CDMA) of Treo you have. It looks like only GSM version has all those problems...
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    Given that the title of the thread is '.... unlocked with t-mo', I would have hoped that only GSM users were discussing their reception. But alas, in looking back, that is not the case. Oh well...

    If it isn't already obvious...I am now and have always been on GSM. Heck, always will be too (barring unforeseen changes to standards)
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    I returned my 650 and picked up a Blackberry 7100t, my luck, t-mo says that there is a service outage in my area (when I questioned why I would receive 5 bars in front of my bldg, 3 in the lobby, and none in my apt with the blackberry, but full service with my p900 in all three of those places, they said it was blackberry/sidekick specific and that my apt may be on a diff tower than downstairs)....who knows, I'm going to wait a day, try the new 650 when it comes into the store and tmo says their service outage is repaired....pretty lame if you ask me, i really wanted something to work.
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