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    I need a bit of help.
    I had a treo 600 and have been using backupman to back it up. I back up every night.
    Due to my sync cable not working I have not synced for the last 7 days.
    My 600 died yesterday and I ended up getting a 650.
    I need to get contact and datebook info from the sd backup into the 650.
    Is there a way to copy databases so that the contact database from the 600 backup will take the place of the current 650 one?
    What are my options here?

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    I know nothing about the backup software using the SD card.. . . someone else will have to post on that.

    Worst case scanario -- you still have your "7 day" old data on your PC.

    If you are going to use the same user id, rename your backup folder on the PC to backup_old and then sync with your new device. Then you can move your PIM data back to the newly created backup folder and re-sync again to transfer it to the new 650.
    Program Files / Palm / user id / backup

    Or follow the procedures on the Palm web site for upgrading from a 600 to a 650 -- you DO NOT want to just sync with your prior user id -- bad things will happen.

    Good Luck.
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