I was having a discussion with the developer of Bhaji's Loops (probably the coolest palm os app ever!) about what is involved with doing a multitrack audio recorder for Palm OS. He said that as far as he could tell the read write speeds from SD cards on would just not support that kind of data transfer.

to quote:

"...Depending on your device and the quality of your card, the average card writing speed is more like 100kb/s. I would be very happy to have 2Mb/s on my card (Actually, I have 20kb/s on mine). "

Yet card manufacturers claim 2megabytes/second and up, which would clearly allow at least 24 tracks of audio. Does the Treo 650 have a bottleneck, and if so, how big is it? Has anyone measured sustained read, write, and simultanious sustained read/write speed on the Treo 650?


Joel Braverman