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    Yes I am still reading through all the posts...

    I installed DocsToGo from the CD that came with my unlocked GSM T650 and now everytime I launch the app my unit resets. I was able to open the app. initially, but when attempting to read a converted document (converted using DTG's WIndows app.), it started crashing. Now it doesn't even open without resetting the phone.

    Also, occasionally the Treo doesn't recognize my GPS via bluetooth. I think I have to start the GPS unit prior to starting up Treo. (GlobalSat 338 and Mapopopolis software).

    Secondly, today I was able to get email, but then Versamail stopped getting my emails. Was Cingulars' network down today? I also couldn't get internet.

    Lastly, where do I check for the firmware version, and does 1.23 REALLY improve stability, etc. on an unlocked GSM Treo650? (yes, I've read the posts, but it's still unclear whether it really makes any difference).

    Thanks all for a great forum!

    TREO650 unlocked GSM (Cingular)
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    Be sure and go online & get updates for DTG; significantly improves stability. Also get their "DataViz" tool to move the program to the SD card. Take care, Kevin.
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    I've done these steps already, but no change in performance. I'll start over one more time and see what happens.
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    I've been getting eratic response from Versamail despite that I have it setup correctly. I haven't proactively 'got' email when I manually try to retrieve email, but instead get 1 or two emails after resets or even many hours later.

    I also have not been able to get on the web in over two days.

    I'm leaving for vacation in two weeks and need to get this sorted out.

    I'm THIS CLOSE to dumping Versamail and Blazer. They're just too unreliable. I've read up on the other apps., so I may go that route, but I'm also not sure whether or not it's just Cingular being a whack of an organzation with a hacked network or not. I'm on a monthly pay-as-you-go plan, having just switched from Sprint. Maybe T-Mobile is beckoning?

    I'm also getting eratic bluetooth behavior with my new BT GPS.

    WHere do I check for the firmware version?

    The unit was running great until mid-week when everything having to do with networking (including bluetooth) went to crap.

    Any ideas on how to stabilize, repair, flush out, resync. my Treo?



    unlocked GSM / Cingular

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    oh, and by the way, I'm trying to get email from my home ISP, which is Cox Cable.
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    I would suggest that u do a hard reset and start over with a "vargin" phone, and see if the network problems go away. if it does, then I would add apps one at a time over several days.

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