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    Does anyone know of an app that works with Microsoft One Note? I need an app that actually syncs with One Note.

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    I would love this too
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    I may not know, but I'll bet my phone does!
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    Me too - anyone have this info?
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    I just ran across this link

    has anyone tried this?
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    I'm also a OneNote user, and would love the ability to sync with the 650. Filesize would quickly become an issue, not sure how that would be solved; perhaps somehow selecting which notes or notebooks you want to sync? Where are the hot developers? Untapped market here!

    While we're talking about untapped markets, does anyone else use the Journal feature in Outlook? I use it to record phone calls made and received. The only sync program out there for it is Chapura's old PocketJournal, which I use, but they've discontinued. Just wondering if anyone else uses the Outlook Journal feature.
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    is there anyway you can post pocket journal prc file, because i have searched and can not find it.
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    I just posted in the Windows Treo section b/c I found this:

    MS built OneNote Mobile for Windows Mobile. Still in beta though. and not on Palm.

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