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    Scare 1

    I golfed last Monday and I thought I lost my Treo 650. I couldn't stay focused wondering if I left it in the car or lost it on the 1st - 3rd holes.

    It got so bad, that I score as many points in the last 3 holes then I did in the first 6 holes.

    I was relieved to find it was safe on the passenger seat of my car when I returned.

    Scare 2

    Last Wednesday, I finished cutting the grass and then I moved both vehicles into the garage. Suddenly I realized that my Treo branded Bluetooth headset was missing from my ear.

    The family and I was heading for a walk through the neighborhood, so it would need to wait. I tried not to think about during the walk; I was confident that it was in one of the vehicles or in the garage somewhere. When we returned, I forgot about it and I went to bed after American Idol went off (I can't believe Baby V got the boot!)

    Anyway when the morning came, I entered the garage and made a call on the phone. The little headset icon appear so I knew that it was indeed in the garage somewhere. I drove my car out and performed the same call, the headset icon did not appear. I was in a hurry to drop my daughter off at school, but I determined that had to be in my wife Jimmy (it's ours but she always says hers )

    It would have to wait once again. Later that evening we had to make a trip and we drove the Jimmy. I made the same call and the headset did not appear. Now I started to panic. Was it in the garage? My wife said she didn't see it on the floor. It was raining out side and I figured it could be out in the grass and in the rain. It has been 2 days on standby - time was running out. Would I still be able to detect it when we got home? Do I dare wait any longer to watch the finale of the Apprentice?

    I waited (the right ga won).

    When I returned to the garage, before putting the vehicles back in, I made a call and again the headset icon came back on. I hung up and called voicemail and cranked the volume and listened.

    The rain was pouring and adding unwanted noise in the garage. Suddenly, I could hear a faint voice. I move about the garage listening. It was a voice mail from Nate. Nate has a loud Barry White type deep voice - If it had been my wife's message I wouldn't have heard a thing because she speaks so softly (huh?, what!? exactly!).

    Suddenly, I could see a slight blue blink. It was half way inside the hole of a big paint bucket. One of those huge pails like what the rock salt come in. Additionally the weed whacker on top of the tub and blocking it.

    I was relieved. Thinking back, I should have turned the light off and just looked for the blinking blue light.
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  2. #2're being a little too careless here. Perhaps a visit from TPS (Treo Protective Services) will help you take appropriate care!

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