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    I am new to the Treo and I am trying to connect to our corporate email server. It is an IMAP server, but it is hidden behind a firewall. Our corporate IT has told me that I can connect to the IMAP server by opening an SSH connection first, for tunneling and port forwarding. As they donít support the Treo, they donít know how to set this up on my Treo 650.

    Does anybody know how I do that? I did search the Internet and find several SSH clients. However, I donít know how to set VersaMail and SSH up.

    Thank you very much
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    I haven't seen an ssh port-forwarding app for Treo yet. But is that the only VPN option your company offers? Most companies offer an IPSEC or a PPTP-based VPN. You can make it work with that.
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    Are you certain that they didn't mean SSL?

    That would be more typical.
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    use a desktop redirector, that is what I do and it gets me past that

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