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    Hi guys, how do I do a CLEAN format of my treo 650? As in I want my treo to be the same condition BEFORE I installed any 3rd party program.... thanks.
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    If it's the same as the Treo 600, do a soft reset (Push the pin in the back) while holding the top left button (Turnes wireless mode on and off). It should pop up with a message asking if you want to erase all data.
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    err.. which top left button are you referring to?
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    i got it. thanks.
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    No problem. Glad to see it worked, I had a very hard time searching for that very thing months ago when I got my T600. Nice to know I won't have to search again when I get my 650 in a couple days.
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    Why did you want to reformat? To clear it for sale or to remove an offending program?

    If you are trying to remove an offending program -- you will get it back if you re-sync with the same user id. Rename your back up folder to backup_old, before you resync if you want a clean machine.

    Program files / Palm / user id / backup

    Cheers, Perry

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