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    I have just picked up a Sprint 650 and have 14 days to decide whether I will keep it or will return to an antique phone only device. While I will certainly read the info that comes with the phone, I expect that many of you can give me a better plan of how to get started. In fact, I am a bit surprised there is not a sticky at the top of the forum with your collective start-up tips. What are the most important things for me to do in terms of set-up, configuration, additional software, etc. that I should do from the beginning to increase the chances that this goes well? If it matters, in what order should I do these things? If I am still here a few weeks from now, I can spend more time going through old posts looking for hidden gems, but for now it would be awesome to have a nice top ten list of how to get started and have the best chance of not becoming an "I hate Sprint" poster. Thanks. BGManne
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    Run the tour. Then start playing with it, one pgm at a time. Most pgms have a help or info feature. Simply start pgm and hit menu and look for the info.

    There is a post describing "things the treo does" with a ton of neat tricks. Specific questions, simply ask. BOL
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    Sprint 650

    1. Make sure it has the 1.08 firmware upgrade. Go to, support tab, select your model, scroll down the the 1.08 updater. This fixes a memory allocation issue and gives you "more" useable space. The instructions tell you how to check if you need it and how to install it. Best to do 1st before you start loading stuff, as you need space for the install.

    2. Start with the basics. Run the "tour" on the Treo for some how to's. Do read thru the threads here. Read the blog at Several reviews of how to's and best of breed applications and accessories over the last 5 months. Must reading for the new! I spent 3 months there and here before buying.

    3. Get VersaMail up and working to see the convienence of that. If you want -- you can get SnapperMail, ChatterMail or whatever later. At least with VersaMail -- you will get the feel for the freedom.

    4. Start using the browser and see how that goes. allows you to condense the size of downloaded data to your Treo. Speeds up the downloads and gets rid of the "chaff."

    5. If needed -- install Docs to Go that comes on the install CD. Allows you to use, view and create Excel and Word documents. Especially useful if you need to open such e-mail attachments.

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    6. Get an SD card for extra storage. 1GB or 2GB $79 or $179

    7. Like Music? Get a headset and look at RealPlayer (installed) or Pocket Tunes (a purchase).

    8. Check out a free 30 day trial of Handmark Express. News, weather, sports, 411 look ups for individuals and businesses, maps, weather radar. . . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    It sounds like making sure the firmware is up to date and disabling the local time option ("new 650 problem" thread) are the two key items. Any other critical things to absolutely do or not do to get off to a smooth start? Thanks again.
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    Also keep in mind that for just about every built in app, there is an equal or better 3rd party app out there that you can download (Email, Web browsers, video players, mp3 payers, etc.) I recommend you get familiar with and comfortable with the built in apps first, though before going there.
    Also there are many specialized apps to do special things if you're looking for a specific solution to a problem or don't like the way the treo does certain things.

    This site has a download section, but I find the one at to be a little better (sorry if this disloyal folks.) (has 'popular downloads') (Downloads by category.)

    Also here are some major ones to consider:
    -Xiino is a fast proxy based 3rd party web browser, although the page rendering doesn't look as good, it's much faster because of the proxy.

    -SnapperMail is one of the best all around email programs for POP & IMAP
    -And Chatter is powerful in it's own way, but harder to use:
    However, there's nothing wrong with sticking with Versamail if you like it.

    If you need to get outlook email through a corporate firewall then Sprint Business Connect (email) will do the job. I use the Cingular XPress Mail version (which is identical.) There is a monthly fee ($5 I think.)
    But if you just need POP or IMAP on the internet then it's not necessary to get Sprint BC, Snapper, Chatter, and Versamail are better for that.

    -Resco Explorer is a powerful file management program/utility

    And finally get very familiar with the FAQs and downloadable help guides at PalmOne support. Beleive it or not many questions are answered there:
    And the Troe 650 FAQ
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    flashing * in the upper left: tap it if ever you see it. Some people have this horrible fear, they will poke every other icon on the screen, but for some reason, this one baffles them, and they can not fathom the thought to poke at it. It is merely an alert notification. You probably missed a call, have voicemail, whatever. It is safe to tap. It is your friend.

    The little crosshair thingie up on the top of the phone screen is your location privacy indicator. A red line means it's disabled. This is easily found in your Sprint manual (probably on pgs. 54 and 146.) It can be enabled/disable in the phones Options>Phone Preferences menu.

    These won't get you off to a smooth start, but at least you won't be the one to ask these same questions for the 100th time.

    Read the'll be amazed. Even the mysterious "How to type an underscore" mystery is revealed. (Hint: it's within the first 50 pages)

    Go now on your journey. Good luck! The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Nice and civil Monkeyman! I bet you anything someone else still asks the * and crosshair question within 48 hours...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130
    Nice and civil Monkeyman! I bet you anything someone else still asks the * and crosshair question within 48 hours...
    I am all about peace and harmony, my MonkeyMistress. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Who needs TV when I have you people . . .
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