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    I just lost my ability to send email via cingular...after calling them and spending 30 minutes on the phone. They shared that their outgoing email was down.

    They sure need to have an easy way to communicate this to their info on their website, whatever.
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    Cingular doesn't post any status about anything on their web site.
    At least AT&T wireless had a support site and forum. Cingular has some outdated & inaccurate FAQs, that's it.
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    Yep, this is already the subject of a thread in the Communications forum:
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    There's a thread on confirming it's down and no estimate for restore date.
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    Yes I see now.....I hope they get lots of complaints ... this is unacceptable as a carrier.
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    Seems to be working again...5/21/05, 11:15p EDT.
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