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    Did you read the review? I already have the Skin Case for the Treo 650 and was quite disappointed in it. No hook for the lanyard etc, but having read the review on TreoCentral for the above case I must say that the Skin Case gets 4 out of 5.
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    I have reviewed 12 different cases and that Speck case was junk, junk, junk.
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    i have that case. i my phone often turns on when in the cradle, even with minimal movement. spreck is sending a new cradle, but i dont think it will hel.i just ordered the seidio cradle holster.

    i trimmed the hinges on the spreck so they are smooth, non protruding. its for sale as is... $20 shipped will take it off my hands. its the frost colored one...
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    I would love a skin case with a hoop designed for the lanyard... I know there is one for the 600, why not for the 650? Otherwise I love my Skin Case.
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    How about this one Here

    or here
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    Found another one here Treo 650 skin case with loop for lanyard
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marianne
    Did you read the review? I already have the Skin Case for the Treo 650 and was quite disappointed in it. No hook for the lanyard etc, but having read the review on TreoCentral for the above case I must say that the Skin Case gets 4 out of 5.
    I've been trying to post a talkback to the review, but the code is broken (I guess they don't want comments )

    I disagree with the review, I have the case and it is the best case I've tried for the Treo (or any Treo I've had). The case is very protective and works great with or without the screen shield. I don't take out the card that often, so I'm happy it covers it. Removing the case is quite easy, but I rarely have to do it anyways, so it's a non issue for me. The holster works, although it isn't perfect. Nonetheless, that is not enough of a reason to give it a low score. I'd say at least 4 stars (out of 5).

    Your phone will be more protected and easy to carry. An added bonus is that it can still be attached to the belt when needed, even though it does not have the always present and annoying Nub that other cases have to connect to their holsters.

    Finally, the material on the case is different than a silicon case, it does not get as dusty and does not feel as sticky. Much easier to get out of pockets and the like... The material is solid and it is just nice to hold on to.

    My $0.02...

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    I found my lanyard did not last long with the weight of the Treo with the skin I have.

    So I devised a workaround that works great for me. I slipped the skinned Treo into a leather case, punched a tiny hole in the snap clasp in the rear of the inexpensive leather case and threaded a hook then lanyard through the opening.

    I love not worrying about the weight of the unit now in the skin and I don't have to handle with care anymore.
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    I am in need of a great skin + belt holder, and am unsure as to which one to choose. I like to keep the phone in my pocket for the most part, but when in the hospital, will need to clip it to my scrub pants. So, I am stuck with the idea of having no skin at all and just using the Seidio Holster, or using this skin/holster combo it seems. Any reccommendations on the best solution for this?

    I looked at the Rhino Skin aluminum case - which is like the innopocket hard case - didnt like the door in the way when trying to type, and seems like it would scratch easily. I might try that aluminum case with the half door. That seems better.

    What do you think? Are there any GOOD skin/Holster combos?
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    I think Nutshell has the best holster for a skinned Treo. The holster is low profile, well made with quality leather and very easy to use. You can read my Nutshell review here -->click me starting on 4-4-05.

    I'll be reviewing the Nutshell for skinned Treos next week.
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    I might try that. Though, that nutshell case looks just like the eye glasses case that my grandpa has in his front chest pocket... Is it similar to this at all?
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    I will tell you the experience I have had with "skinned" Treo/case combo. I actually ordered the S650 skin from this website along with the Covertec horizontal holster. First, after I put the skin on the Treo and placing it in the holster I was experiencing episodes where my phone would actually turn itself off. I was going ballistic trying to figure out what the problem was. I was this close to calling Cingular and giving them a piece of what was left of my mind. After gathering my thoughts I started from scratch.
    I removed the skin and worked the Treo 'naked' for a couple of days. Things were fine, no problems. I then replaced the skin on the device and lo and behold the problem started again. Once again I took the skin off. Going over the Treo I discovered that my sim card was shifting in the card holder losing contact with the device. Now my sim card is about six or more years old and I could have easily had it replaced. But what I did, although it was like using a rubberband as a quick fix, seemed to have corrected the problem. I took out the sim card and cut out the exact dimensions of the card from a manilla folder and replaced them both in the sim card seat of the Treo.
    I replaced the skin and the device works like a charm. The use of the Covertec should take care and time because the case has to mold itself around the Treo for a nice snug fit. The Covertec has a magnetic clasp on it for added security. This I believe is a good 'skinned' Treo/holster combination.


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