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    I need to change my Hotsync ID on my phone...

    after registering lots of programs on my old one I sent it back, then got the new one and named by hotsync ID something different, now my programs won't work so I need to change it back to what it was on the first one. Thanks for any info you guys can give. Will a hard reset? zero-out reset work? or can I use a program like RsrcEdit? if so how, thanks again.

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    I'm not sure if this is what you need, but if you go to HotSync on your treo, you can press the Menu key (above the envelope key on the keyboard) and there's an option for Connection Setup. You can also set up your conduits there.
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    There's a utility around that allows you to edit the Hotsync ID. Can't remember its name, but this question has been asked and answered before, so a search is bound to bear fruit.
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    I use a program called MultiUserHack available at:

    Allows you to change the HotSync ID on a per app basis very usefull

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    Unless you have bought new programs with the new ID, you should just save your important files and then Hard Reset.

    Rename you old profile's folder. After you sych and name it THE SAME AS YOUR OLD PROFILE with the registration, start migrating the software back to your 650.
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    thanks so much for your posts, after a few google searches I found this program.

    it seems to work well for what I am looking for. Thanks again

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    ChangeName does the trick
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