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    I have been trying to get the back cover off my Treo 600 to change the battery for at least an hour. Tried everything I can think of. I don't have the tool to open the case because PDAparts is out of stock and I need my Treo now. I am getting stuck at the bottom of the unit near the microphone. It seems to be ready to go but stuck on something near the bottom. I cannot tell what is holding it. It feels like if I put anymore pressure on it I will surely break something.


    To PDAparts,

    As a former Purchasing and Inventory Manager someone's head should roll. You have a part that at best must cost $.25 and sells for $5.99 and you allow yourself to go out of stock! That's just stupid!!
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    I don't understand your French. What does f!@#ing mean?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pda_jedi
    I don't understand your French. What does f!@#ing mean?
    A four letter word starting with F ending in K. I'm sure you can figure it out . Add on the 'ing' and you now have a nice gerund phrase or is it a participle? Ah well....
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    I'm sorry for my language but I was really frustrated yesterday and needed to vent. I finally got the thing off but I still didn't figure out what it was stuck on. I have put it all back together and everything seems to be working great. I haven't had enough time with it to say all my problems are solved, and I have a lot of scratches on the case (thanks PDAparts) but it appears to be much better with the new battery.

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