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    I had to reset my Treo because it hung during a hotsync (apparently the USB software is crushed, will have to reinstall).

    After that, all my Chatter preferences were gone - including accounts and system preferences.

    This is second time preferences disappeared after a Treo reset.

    How can I help you troubleshoot this?

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    Can you tell me what phone you have? What carrier? What version of Chatter? Are you SURE your accounts are gone (i.e. can you find the databases with FileZ)? If you''d like, shoot me an email at for faster communications.

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    Same thing happened to me today.. I just installed Chatter last night. I've lost my prefs 2 times today.. I restored with Teal BackUp but I have a T650 on Sprint -


    btw, other than losing my prefs, I am totally digging Chatter... I was happy with VersaMail until I did the Fastmail/Chatter thing - I have no reason for Push email but I love it! I set up 4 accounts and used Fastmail for all the smtp - I like it!
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    What version are you guys using? I'm pretty sure the lost preferences problem is fixed in recent beta's.


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