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    I was wondering if anyone had much to say about the Codi Fit Case.

    It looks like what I want, provides protection but allows use inside the case. This case seems great my only question is if the keyboard is still easily usable or if it makes it harder.

    Does anyone have advice as to which works better with the treo, the Codi Fit case or the Flexiskin? they both look nice and would be useful but I was wondering if theres anything I'm missing here.

    Has anyone used this case or have any comments about it? Thanks so much!

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    Here's one person's review:

    I've just ordered one, so we'll see. Right now I have a Krusell, which I recently broke the belt clip plastic on the back, which is why I'm ordering a new one. The Krusell also has plastic over the keyboard and screen, like the Codi. I don't think the plastic over the keyboard negatively affected the use of the keyboard or 5-way nav buttons at all, but it does make it harder to use the touch screen, particularly near the edges. I try to avoid stylus use if at all possible.

    The Krusell has been a nice case, except there is no way to remove the the SD card without completely removing the Treo from the case. And it's a real pain to do that because the case fits very snuggly (which except for the SD card issue is a good thing). That's why I'm trying the Codi this time. Seems to be similar to the Krusell, but easy access to the SD card, yet the card is secured from falling out. I'm actually ordering the rubber Sport version.

    The Covertec form fit cases also look nice.

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