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    I just got a Seido Holster (the one that you put the phone in starting at the top) for my 650 and I'm ver confused. Can't get Seidio on the phone so I thought I'd ask here. My holster (#PITR650) has the squared off part at the bottom of the phone while the Seidio web site shows the squared off part at the top of the phone (their part number is HLTR650B). When looking at my holster from the front, it looks different (left to right mirror reverse) than the one on the Seidio site.

    The holster works fine and I can't see how I could be using it upside down, but according the the pictures I am.

    Anyone have a clue?

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    they have two models...check the treocentral store they show both pics
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    Thanks, but I'm aware of that. What I am saying is that my "top-in-first" holster is different that the "top-in-first" pictures on the TreoCentral and Seidio site and is NOT the "bottom-in first" version.
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    I just got the following from Seidio

    "The one you have is our latest version. We have not updated our pictures
    yet. Sorry.

    Let me know if have any questions.

    David Chang

    Well, that clears things up. BTW the holster works fine. I think it's a keeper.

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    Thats a blow off email. The holster on the site is upside down but the clip is right side up. It has always been that way. Their older clip had a lip top and bottom so what Davis said makes no sense. But dont fault him hes a good guy. They show another holster on the site that is not only upside down but superimposed. And they show their pouch case with the clip spun 180, when their clips only spin 90. I was thinking one was preproduction pics and the other was superimposed to show the antenna side of the treo for a better shot going in to the animated GIF holster.

    Its pretty funny.
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    Well, now I'm more confused then before I started this thread. Do I in-fact have the latest holster and am I putting my phone in the right way? It seems to be working well.

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    Do you have this clip type here-->here

    If so it goes in like this

    To know if you have the lates holster look at my pic here

    If your still confused it works just like a proclip, goes in top first, comes out bottom first.
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    This was the first holster I bought, I wouldnt recommend to anybody...pulling out the Treo from the bottom also makes it *very* easy to not have a good grip and drop the phone..I did twice!!

    The holster also caused paint chips to come off on top of my Treo...perhaps the new one fix's this problem, regardless pulling the phone out from the bottom seem's simple enough but I found many times I didnt have a good grip on the mentioned dropped it 2 times..once on the carpet and once on a hard plastic roller mat I use for my office survived but could have easily smashed my screen.
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    Pulling the treo out from the bottom is the easiest, most natural, safest way to go. It allows you to grip the phone firmly while removing the phone in the natural direction the hand is pointed anyway. I have used these clip type holsters for years an never had any trouble. But this is why These little devices are called PDA instead of DA. Because the device and the way you use it is personal.
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    For people that have the Seidio Cradle type holster for the 650, has anyone experince paint chips?
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    I had the newer one with the hand polished contact spots and did not experiance any paint chips. I never saw the older ones to fell the rougher contact spots but from what I was told they werent smooth. The newer ones are as smooth as glass on the contact spots with rounder closer tips. I wish I had a picture of the rounder closer tip to show you but I gave the holster to a friend at pdaphonehome.
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    I found a pic that you can use to tell if you have the old or new Seidio cradle type holster
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    Do you know when the production cutoff was for the "old" version clip versus "new" version clip. From what your telling me the new clip has the Glassy feeling as to prevent that kind of satisfies me with purchasing it. Im wondering if i should buy from Seidio direct or jus purchase from here?
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    Bit the bullet and jumped the gun..i ordered it today from Sedio online...hopefully im satisfied
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    Which did you get the cradle type or the clip type? I love love love the clip type.
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    Cradle type...looking at both. the cradle type had "less" points of contacts.
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    The big difference between the cradle type and the clip type is that the clip type is bottom out first, which is easy for me and the cradle type it top out first, a little tricky for me.
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    Yeah, i used to have the pro clip type for my 600..but i soon discovered the mysterious scratches on top, bottom and sides of the PDA. I lived with it...didnt like it, but none the less lived with it. Now that i got my new baby (treo 650) i want to keep it cosmetically clean as possible.
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    Im going for total protection with the Treo in a silicon skin and a Nutshell case.
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    The new one is MUCH nicer, the old holster did chip my paint, but since Sprint was kind enough to give me a new Treo when my headphone jack died...I have been using the new one and it has not done this time the old one chipped it at least once. I would say the new holsters are fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
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