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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorea
    After upgrading to 4.393, I no longer have the MP3 playing after a call hangs up issue anymore.
    Yeah, but with 4.393 I had the phone resetting after I hang up from a caller who had an MP3 associated ringtone. That isn't good.
    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
    Sprint Treo 650 CDMA
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    Anyone else having a problem where Ringo Pro will not stay registered? This happened after I upgraded to 4.394
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    I just upgraded my Ringo Pro to version 4.394 and so far so good. I upgraded thru my upgrade page on the Ringo Pro program. Keeping my finger crossed. I guess Electric Pocket did changed the Version from 4.393 to 4.394
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    Well I removed it, took the old ringo pro I had and checked for updates. So far so good.
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    So Wareynolds what version are you using now?
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    At least it is not telling me my trial is up now. But I just put it on this morning
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    Is 4.394 working with f/w 1.28? Thanks?
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    will try this ... 4.391 didn't work for me at all. :/
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    no workee ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mac_lady
    I have moved it with zlauncher to my sd card works just fine there, and you might try it if you are having quite a few issues.
    Still don't know what you're all talking about running Ringo from the SD card. I always thought apps like this needed to be in RAM.

    I tried moving the two PRCs to "/PALM/Launcher" and tested with an SMS, didn't play anything. I moved the engine back to RAM and tested with another SMS, still no sound. I moved the other PRC back to RAM and tested with an SMS, it played the ringer as everything was back in RAM again.

    I thought everything had to be in RAM for these types of programs and I can't seem to get it to work at all unless everything is. I also tried what you said, moving it via ZLauncher.. But I knew beforehand that wasn't going to work. Programs moved to the ZL apps folder aren't able to handle alarms/triggers like when they're in RAM. So, how did you get this to work by moving it with ZL?

    The problems I'm having are as follows:
    1. If a call comes in from an unlisted/blocked number, the phone soft resets without even ringing. This only happens if I have Announce Callers enabled though. If Announce Callers is disabled, it will ring as normal and show that an unkown number's calling.
    2. I have a photo set for every contact group, but the only photos Ringo will display are the ones set for individual callers.
    3. If I have an MP3 ringer set and the Announce Callers option's enabled, only the MP3 is played (callers aren't announced). Callers are announced though if I have an internal ringer (i.e. MIDI) set as opposed to an MP3 ringer.
    I like the fact that I don't need to create individual speech WAV files for every contact in my address book and then create an individual rule for each contact like I had to with CallFilter. That get to be a little annoying after awhile, but is nice to have my Treo say who's calling (rather than just the number or a ringer). I'd like to be able to make the switch from CF to Ringo, but can't with these problems. The biggest problem for me is number one, followed by the category/group photo problem.

    Almost forgot, I have a Treo 600 and am having these problems with Ringo Pro v4.394 as downloaded from EP's Web site.
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