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    Could someone tell me if the Tree 300 model have a Text Messaging feature?
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    i dont know i get text msg all the time
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    ALL Sprint Phones (including the Treo 300) can receive Text Messages.

    The cool thing is you can send Text Messages with the Treo 300 too... You'll probably need to find a program that you like...

    I use Verichat which allows me to use IM programs from ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and send SMS messages to people's phones too. If my Verichat session is closed I sometimes get an SMS from some of my contacts...

    I've also recently setup a Wireless Amber Alert for my Treo 300... As I said before ALL Sprint PCS Cell Phones can receive Text Messages so If you'd like to sign up for Wireless Amber Alerts you can do so FREE and Sprint won't charge you for any Amber Alert Text Messages you receive...


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    WI had a "Test" of the Amber Alert System today... Didn't get anything on my Treo 300 about it... so I'm going to have to look into that... I'm fairly certain I should get any State Wide alerts (Test too?) along with the Zip Codes I indicated...

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