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    I've had my Verizon Treo 650 for nearly a week. It's been very stable for the past three days, except that every afternoon, around 5:30, the phone powers off. I uninstalled all the Treo utilities except for Battery Doctor, and I set the schedules on that to "off." I need something that will turn my phone on after a soft reset, and Battery Doctor turned out to be the most stable for me.

    Any thoughts? I did a clean install, and then loaded my third party apps one at a time, making sure I had the latest version of each, and that they were compatible with the Treo.

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    The off/on web site says it doesn't work with '650. Your experience?
    Mike Caldwell
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    it does...i use it now...dunno why they havent updated that... (thats one app I will never let go of)
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    TreoOffOn does not work on CDMA phones, like Verizon and Sprint. I tried it anyway- no good.

    Any other thoughts, please?
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    Today I caught it as it turned off- tracked it down to Battery Doctor. Somehow the settings reset to turn the radio off at 10pm. Bluetooth also turned itself on. VERY strange.

    I'm going to try ProfileCare and see if that will work.
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    Assuming we are talking about the same thing, I use treoHelper on both my VZW T650's and set it to turn on phone after reset.. it works well and the phone is always on now.. also has some cool SMS and other features..
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    but not at regular intervals. I have an unlocked GSM on T-Mobile. Radio just turns itself off periodically. Sometimes 2-3X per day. I have Treo on/off but nothing is set to turn it off. any ideas on cause?

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