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    My wife claims that when I use my Plantronics M130 headset, she hears an echo. When I unplug it she claims it is fine.....Yet I have had no other complaints (though maybe they are not saying anything to me.)

    Anybody else have similar problems with this or other headsets?

    For what it is worth, I have T-Mo and a T600....if that makes any difference.

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    Echo of what, you or her ? If she hears herself it's because you have headset volume too loud. Mic and speaker are very close in a headset . Soind is coming out of speaker and being pcike dup by Mic. Do a serach and you'll find a dozen or two threads on this.
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    After a little experimentation....problem is now solved!

    Thanks Jack.


    aka Paul Sincaglia, P.E.

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