My Treo 600 intermittently hangs up for 6-10 seconds. By hanging up I mean it just fails to respond to any keypresses, the programs halt in mid function, etc. This mostly happens when moving from program to program or going through the menus but it happens also when I am listing to audio through PTunes. When listening to audio and it happens I get a horrible noise instead of the audio as if the Treo is looping a very very short bit of audio data over and over. After 6-10 seconds it continues the way it was before.

Anyone else have this problem? I have found nothing in searching the forums but was not sure what words to key off of.

I also have a lot of problems with echo in speakerphone mode. I have the update and it seemed to improve for a while but after my account corrupted on my PC and I had to reinstall all of my apps the problem has gotten worse again.

What is the warranty period on the 600?