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    Hey everybody, how do you guys feel about the Treo Voice Dialing by VoiceSignal (it's included on the CD that came wiht your Treo). From what I've read it uses a lot of heap memory and may become unstable if used with other applications (ie. GoodLink). I have used VoiceSignal before and it works great. I had it on my Motorola V710 with Bluetooth. What is really annoying is that the Treo version doesn't support BT dialing (which is really crappy).

    The VoiceSignal application was free with the V710 and works with BT dialing (meaning I can press the button on the BT headset and VoiceSignal would start and allow me to voicedial over the headset). The Treo version doesn't support this. It's really annoying out BT headset support is so limited for the Treo. I have the Logitech BT headset. Is it just me or are you guys experience the same level of "crappy-ness"?

    PS. By crappy, I mean it takes forever for the BT headset to connect with the Treo and you have to connect it before every conversation.
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    Check out the many threads you can find here:

    Quite a few of them I know, but that is because, sometimes, people start threads without doing a search first

    FWIW I like the voice dial from voice signal, but I dont use a BT headset. In fact I dont use a BT headset because NONE of the voice programs can activate it with one push.

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