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    I recently switched to Edge Wireless (they are a Cingular, formerly an AT&T Wireless afffiliate, operating a 1900 GSM/GPRS/EDGE and TDMA network in Nor Cal, Sou Ore, SE ID and W WYO) when I moved back up here to the Ukiah area in NW Cal from So Cal, where I had Cingular. I could access Shoutcast stations fine on Cingular, and even when up here on Edge's network with Cingular service, but I can't access Ptunes Shoutcast stations anymore with Edge's SIM in the 650, it just says it can't connect, and to check if there is a data connection, which there is, because the web, versamail and all other data apps work fine. I have tried to ask Edge, but they don't seem to know what's wrong, I notice that to access the web with Edge's service, I have to use a custom proxy, could that affect it? I left the proxy off just to check, but Ptunes still gives me those error messages. Could Edge be blocking ports that Ptunes/Shoutcast uses? Thanks for the help guys, I haven't posted in here much, I apologize for that, been so busy lately! Thanks again in advance!

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