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    Is there any app out there that will make the apps on my SD card look like there in the rom or ram. I really wish they could not be in the card category and be mixed in with all the other apps. thanks.
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    What are Zlauncher and others like it? I do not use any of them, but references in various threads I have read indicate you can use these programs to "move" apps to the SD card but run or select them from main memory.
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    Try using PowerRun. It keeps everything where it would normally be in the launcher and they just have an asterisk next to the name so you know that it was moved over to the SD. I'm not sure if you have to install it into RAM and them move it to the card for that to happen though...
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    I use Linkstart Pro 2.1 and run it from a custom rom. Don't try versions prior to 2.1 unless you like reset loops.
    2.1 works well and gives you control of what databases etc are exported with the application.
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    Kinda miss the old Handspring days. Just a dot is all you needed.
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    Your just talking about creating a link in the main view to an application on the card right? Most 3rd party launchers do this.
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    Stay away from Linkstart! Even with version 2.1, you can still get the reset loops. If you get into the loops, uninstalling the program is a bit__!
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    PowerRUN hands down is the answer to your question.
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    Would using PowerRUN with Zlauncher be redundant?

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