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    I'm not sure if anyone has encountered the same problem or not, I have looked through the threads and maybe my searching techniques have been too basic but I can't seem to find any answers, that's why I'm starting this forum. When I first got my Treo650, couple months ago, the applications button would bring me to the listing of my apps and if I pressed it again, it would go from category to category ("All"..."Multimedia"...etc.). However, just recently I have noticed that when I press the Application button, it will just go to the "All" menu and repeated clicks of the button doesn't seem to cycle through the different categories; it stays at "All". I not sure what might have caused this. The only addition programs I have put on my T650 are: Ptunes, Ringo, MMPlayer (which I have now deleted using the "detele apps" option) and ZLauncher (which I have also deleted using the "delete apps" option). I'm not sure if one of these programs is the source or if my method of removing the programs is the source. Any suggestions???
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    zLauncher is bound to be the culprit here. I dont know how to fix it but I suggest you try the zLauncher site for help. I suspect you have to purge an unsaved or a saved preference setting.
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    Zlauncher is your problem. You have to redownload zlauncher and then check in the application for a "prepare to uninstall" option. Heres a thread on it

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