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    I'm looking for a leather case for my upcoming 650. I want something that can hold my drivers license and a few other cards. No belt clip. Any reccomendations??? it seems like i can't find one that holds more than one or two credit cards.
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    I spent a while looking for this "dream case" and found nothing. The closest qualiiers were the Sena Flip-case and the F650 case available from the treocentral store. Unfortunately, both have belt clips and neither hold more than a couple of cards.
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    I've been to the ends of the earth myself looking for something like this.

    I got rid of my cell and PDA with a Treo 650. It would be nice to do away with the clunky wallet too!

    I ended up buying a Sena flip case which I love. The pocket on the flap is pretty much useless for anything except a business card or two.
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    can't believe nobody makes a case that holds a credit, drives lic, and a few bucks. I guess I'm going with a money clip and the treo.
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    WE have a winner....... thanks for the leads. i'm going with the one from extremepda....
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    i had a feeling you would choose the krussell they do thing i dont like though is that if i am not mistaken with this case, they put a plastic mat over the keyboard and screen...and me no likey...but hey everyone is different
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    The Krussel case seems a little fat - am I being over critical? I agree with above - if someone made a case similar to the one that started this thread but wouldn't require removal of the phone for use we'd all be happy.
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    I've written to Vaja and asked them to consider making (or simply customizing for me) a variant of the T66 that replaced the SD card holder and semi-rigid backing on the flip cover with enough space for 6 or so credit cards and some cash. If this is of interest to you, I recommend that you write them and ask the same:

    For reference, the T66 case:
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    hi all ...

    does anyone know how the treo is attached to the case in this one .. and how easy it is to answer the phone with both the one from wirelessground and the one from extremepda ? .. anyone had any experience or comments with this type of case in general in regards to answering / using the phone etc ... any commments or thoughts would be appreciated ....

    by the way elitman ... i contacted vaja some time ago re the possibility of putting a flap cover in a contrasting colour over the top half ... ie screen only on the u bute vaja T65 ... ( so that the screen was covered but the keyboard and buttons was still left exposed) as a paid for, one off custom job ... they were absolutely not interested in varying the design in any way, even if paid for on an individual basis ... so i am thinking of buying one of the vaja t 65 clones and taking it to a mate that is a leather worker to see if he is able to modify it for me ( would hate to mess up a $180AU piece of kit! )

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