I was wondering, if anyone else has experienced this or if its just me. I have been runing my Treo now since the end of last year and it has seem to run fine. I just recently installed Sprint Bussiness Connect as i wanted to be able to access files on my computer. Now my Treo randomly resets when receiving or making calls. I had a planned rebuild on my desktop so i wiped everything did a hard reset on the TREO and reinstalled everything. It ran flawlessly for days then i installed BS again and i am having the same problem. Is this a known issue? has anyone had it resolved?

I am running the recent firmware upgrade and my after market apps are limited to ZLauncher, SnapperMail,Adobe Reader, Docs To Go, the solitaire game and Zap game that came with the standard software. I use Goldmine and sync my contacts with Companion Link.

Thanks for any help.