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    I like the Chatter email program, but will be VERY happy once a few little things get worked out. One issue is with attachments...

    i just received an excel spreadsheet but the attachment in chatter does not show the correct file name or extension. Instead, it renames the file and put a .txt extension. I WAS able to open the file on my treo 650 by clicking 'open' via 'documents' (opened into doc's to go) and the excel sheet showed.

    HOWEVER, when i forwarded the message with the attached file... it forwards the new file name with the .txt extension and you are unable to open it on a regular computer.

    Basically, Chatter is renaming some files (maybe just excel sheets??) as txt files and so then you send them to anyone else.

    any fixes?
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    race -

    A few things. First, there are better places to post Chatter-specific questions; first the ChatterEmail forum here at, and also at the forums at

    Having said that... I'm not sure what you're seeing, frankly, because I've never heard of issues with attachments that sound anything like this. Just to make sure I'm not crazy, I just sent myself an xls file, opened it, and forwarded it without any problem. Is there anything unusual about the file, or its name, perhaps??

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    the file extensions end in .xls on my computer viewing the imap folder via Outlook. And they say att232551.txt within chatter and when forwarded. i can't think of anything unusual in the original file name except that one has an _ within the title and the other has a - and (2) before the .xls extensions.

    i'm running your latest beta.

    i'll try and post chatter stuff on your website from now on, thanks.
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    It might be that the xls file was attached "inline"; inline attachments are pretty poorly handled by most PDA email programs.


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